Riccardo Massari – Auditive Perception, Acoustics & Music Technology, Jam Session - Barcelona

Riccardo Massari – Auditive Perception, Acoustics & Music Technology

Riccardo Massari – Auditive Perception, Acoustics & Music Technology


Training: Composition and Sinology at the Koninkljik Conservatorium in the Netherlands. Bachelor Degree and Master of Music  Composition for instruments, voices and electronica. Diploma in Composition and Instrumentation for Concert Band at the Felice DalI’Abacus Conservatory in Verona, Italy .

Experience: His compositions have been performed worldwide by: Marcel Warm, Ric Sims, Cristin Wilbolz, Adriano Ambrosini, Saverio Tasca, Royal Ensemble, Trio Kandinsky, Jean Pierre Dupuy, Fernando Dominguez (Ensemble Three), Sonsoles Alonso and Logos Foundation Automata Orchestra (Gent).

Compositions published:

    • Bérben (Italy)
    • JDK Creamgarden (Holand)
    • Subliminaltape Club (Holand)
    • Ars Harmonica (Spain)
    • ICTUS (USA)
    • SUL PONTICELLO (Spain)

His work joins and is related to the visual arts, theater and poetry. His career as a composer of contemporary music and live performer is in the line of Music Art. 

Massari plays piano, electronic instruments, and Tacordium , an original string electroacoustic instrument invented and created in 2005. He has often work  combining images and sound, along with audiovisual artists, filmakers and dancers.


Video of Takordium:

Other videos of his works: https://vimeo.com/spiritini

Web:  https://riccardomassarispiritini.wordpress.com