Gilles Estoppey – Piano, Keys & Band, Jam Session - Barcelona

Gilles Estoppey – Piano, Keys & Band

Gilles Estoppey – Piano, Keys & Band


Formation: Bachelor and Master of Piano from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and New York (Purchase College & Manhattan School of Music).

Experience: Numerous musical projects like “Pool” and “Walk Tall”, turning in countries like Germany, Holland, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Thailand and the United States.


Featured discography:

  • Walk Tall “Alright Again” (Unit Records, 2013)
  • Pool “Pool EP” (, 2012)
  • Gilles Estoppey Trio “Live in Vevey” (Dinemec Records, 2009)
  • Gilles Estoppey “Amter” (Dinemec Records, 2008


Featured video: