Documentary RTVE 2 – “Classrooms for the Rock”, Jam Session - Barcelona

Documentary RTVE 2 – “Classrooms for the Rock”

Documentary RTVE 2 – “Classrooms for the Rock”


On Thursday March 12 from 23:45 TVE 2 issues the documentary monograph “Classrooms for the Rock”, within the television cultural space “Chronicles” on the occasion of the new opening of l’Escola Superior de Music Jam Session. The School of Music Jam Session in Barcelona is the first of Spain that distributes the Higher Grade Rock, Urban Music New Trends and whose program has been approved by the AQU (Agency for the Quality of the University System), in collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya, and Education Consortium of Barcelona. A 240 degree college credit within the EEES (European Higher Education).

The struggle waged by a small group of faculty, staff and close friends who have turned in this difficult project, will be reflected in this wide space showing various chapters among which “The Origin”, “The neighborhood support”, ” “Training”, “A profitable future”, “Children of Rock”, “Music Therapy”, “The large catalog of Rock, the outstanding work”, etc.

The link below will show, is a preview of the documentary based on the extras thereof RTVE has published in his letter of programming: 

We encourage you enjoy issuance, and share with us the titanic effort that has brought us to this struggle against all odds, that it has thrived without subsidies or public buildings to private farms, or political influences, or suspicious foundations.

Our most sincere congratulations and greetings, independent journalists, reporters, media, etc …, but especially students, teachers, friends and many professionals from various fields, who have turned and made possible, that a small group of people struggling and “influential” but meritorious, get open a new alternative but formal educational provision for the training and critical spirit, while offering new jobs.


See you this Thursday March 12th at 23:45 on the 2nd of RTVE, space “Chronicles”. Later it was also broadcast on Canal 24 H and the International TVE can always see through the web of