Cristobal García – Electric Guitar & Band, Jam Session - Barcelona

Cristobal García – Electric Guitar & Band

Cristobal García – Electric Guitar & Band


Formation: Chamber Music Studies, Harmony and Counterpoint. Graduate in Improvisation and Band. Music Production and Study Wizard. Luthier aproach Degree in construction and maintenance of  techniques for electric guitars and electric basses. Degree in New Rock Guitar Technique. Diploma in “Music Performance” and  “Music Teaching”, specialty Electric Guitar.

Experience: Professor of guitar, bass and the Band Jam Session Music School since 1998. Director of Electric Guitar Jam Session Music School since 2008.


Featured Discography:

  • Karma, Karma Sound Project,  2013. autoeditado
  • Artistas Vol10 VVAA, 2010 Jam Session BCN Records.
  • Live at Barcelona, Free to Dream 2004 Jam Session BCN Records.
  • Artistas Vol 1, VVAA 2000  Jam Session BCN Records


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