6. Matriculation, Jam Session - Barcelona

6. Matriculation

Procedure and rules of matriculation


This Degree in Higher Artistic Music Education includes a total of 240 ECTS credits (60 / year).

The matriculation will be:

· Full time (60 credits/year) – mandatory for the first 2 years of career.

· Part time (30 credits/year) – Its possible from the third and fourth year students.


Registration period:


From September 12 to 13, through ONLINE MATRICULATION.

– Payments made outside the established deadlines will have a 5% surcharge.

 – In the event that the applicant can not make the registration personally you may authorize a third party to the proceeding.

– The registration procedure is the responsibility of the student and is conditional on the authenticity of the documents and compliance with legal requirements and applicable regulations and payment deadlines in the calendar.

– The student is not entitled to refunds of amounts of tuition, regardless of cases attributable to the center.

– At the end enrollment fee will be added to the amount of compulsory insurance (for younger than 28 years old only).

Modification of matriculation


If students need to make a change of schedules for work reasons, they must send the Secretary a valid company certificate indicating their working days and hours.
Once the company certificate is accepted, the following changes can be made:

Collective subjects:

If the student wants to change the schedule of a collective subject that is taught in several groups, she must contact a student from another group. If the subject is Band, the student can only make the change for another of the same instrument and level.
If the change is possible, you must notify the Secretary, the head of studies and the teachers of both groups by mail.

Individual subjects:

The student can consider the change by addressing another student of the same instrument and informing the teacher. If the change is made, she must notify the Secretary and the head of studies by mail.

The change can never be made if it affects other subjects.