Laura Mercé – Voice & Musical Culture, Jam Session - Barcelona

Laura Mercé – Voice & Musical Culture

Laura Mercé – Voice & Musical Culture


Training and experience: Degree in Education. Sound Associates degree specializing in Live Performance. Education degree specializing in special education and youth at risk of social exclusion will. Lead singer in various bands of the country. Singer in the Big Band Jam Session and Professor of Voice and Music Culture at the School of Music Jam Session.


Featured Discography:

  • Split 7” con Simbiose (Portugal) “Intelectual Punx” Disface.
  • KOBAYASHI (split) con Disface, ed Grita o Muere Records.
  • “El fuego de la revuelta que crece en nuestro interior” Banda Disface, Edita CriminaleRds & Grita o Muere Records.


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