The University of Music Jam Session and Microfusa offer you a Degree in Music with a major in Sonology. This degree is the first and only recognized throughout the State in the field of urban music, new trends and rock.

This is an official title awarded by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and therefore, approved by the Government of Spain. This certificate is equivalent, for all purposes, a university degree and has 240 ECTS.



It’s the specialty of higher education of music that relates the knowledge of acoustic and electronic instruments with sound creation. The growing interest in exploring the creative possibilities opened up by new technologies promotes the existence of this degree.

Our college provides students the teóricasnecesarias tools and equipment to address extensive creative work in all areas of musical creation that are based on sound material and technology. The degree in Sonology expand into various media and with variable constraints, which need to be qualified for interdisciplinary environments.

The program covers various fields widely and includes modules dedicated to music production, recording and audio post-production, sound systems for concerts, musical creations and / or audiovisual digital, video-clips, electronic music events, DJ and VJ, video game music and animation … in short, all those creations where applications of the technologies of sound and music are present.

The teaching of these Higher Education is qualified and has extensive experience and recognition in all professional environments related to each of the subjects. Furthermore, the degree in Sonology culminate their studies with a multidisciplinary project and practice in companies.

The connection between Microfusa Jam Session and gives the course of a sum of academic rigor, expertise and facilities to offer its students the most complete musical, technical and artistic training. In short it is one of the most open and attractive alternatives that exist to further the field of sound and music.

Jam Session, School of Music

It was the first school of Catalonia, in 1998, included in its program of gender studies like the Rock, Urban Music, the People, the Contemporary Music and New Trends.

Today, in the School of Music the Superior Title Music with specialties Interpretation and Sonology, in the area of ​​Rock is taught, Urban Music and New Trends.

Requirements and admission tests

To access the music higher artistic studies must meet the following points:

Educational Requirements: High School or equivalent. Music or equivalent professional degree. Failing that, the candidates must pass the relevant evidence and / or specific exercises for the entrance exams.
Overcome Test Access.
Payment of the registration fee.
Entrance examination: The registration deadline for the entrance examination is from 8 to 30 April.

The admission tests are performed from 15 to 20 June. There are only 10 places available. If after these tests were any plaza, there will be another call in September.


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