1. General information, Jam Session - Barcelona

1. General information

Registration for entrance exams 2024-25


The registration for the entrance exams is performed by filling out the application form online registration (See it here: Online Registration), within the established deadlines in the Inscription Calendar.

To access the music higher artistic studies must meet the following points.

1. Academic requirements.
2. Overcome the specific exams of access.
3. Payment of the matriculation.


Offer vacants of course 2024-25 – June


Open vacancies for the specialties of Performance, Pedagogy and Sonology, within the field of rock, urban music and new trends.


· Vacancies available:


· Vacancies available in the specialty of Performance: 21

3 electric bass vacancies
3 battery vacancies
5 electric guitar vacancies
3 piano / keyboard vacancies
3 voice vacancies
2 saxophone / transverse flute / wind controller (EWI) vacancies
2 violin vacancies

· Vacancies available in the specialty of Pedagogy: 10

· Vacancies available in the specialty of Sonology: 10


The call for entrance exams to access the Superior Artistic Teachings, adapted to the European Higher Education Area, are regulated by Resolution EDU/226/2024  To access the Higher Music Studies of Jam Session it’s necessary to perform the exams of access in accordance with the provisions of Resoluction ENS/2054/2021.

Applicants with special educational needs arising from physical, mental or sensory disabilities or other serious disorders, which have official recognition, may request the additional resources required to participate in the entrance examination. (See information here – Point 4).


Foreign students or having studied outside Spain


Students who don’t have a Spanish baccalaureate and medium grade qualification and must enter in the Higher Music Center Jam Session by means of the entrance test that everyone sits. Admission is not possible by transfer of academic records, as Spanish legislation does not allow this from foreign centres.


Professional Grade in Music / Medium Grade

Spanish legislation does not recognise the Medium grade in music from other countries.

Foreign applicants must complete the specific exercise of Professional Grade in Music, which will be held at our Higher Music School during the acces exams.



By contrast, Spanish legislation does recognise pre-university studies of other countries (which is called baccalaureate in Spain). Whoever is in possession of a qualification of this kind must submit it for the approval of the Spanish academic authorities, and will therefore be relieved from completing the baccalaureate examination. It is not possible to establish a common rule on approvals, as the conditions vary depending on the bilateral agreement of Spain with other states.

Approvals (or information thereon) may be requested from the Departments of Education and Science of the Spanish embassies and also from the nearest consulate to the place of residence of each person concerned.

If you have already applied for approval but it has not yet arrived when the time comes for the entrance test or to enrol, you can provisionally use the “Provisional registration slip”.

Foreign students who have done baccalaureate in their country must apply for approval from the Department of Education and Science of the Spanish Embassy in their country or the Spanish consulate closest to the city of residence.


More information:

Consult the homologation procedure for degrees obtained abroad 

Location of embassies and consulates

How to get your visa?

Expedient transfer

To apply this procedure you must send an email to: superior@jamsession.cat

Second degree and later

To apply this procedure you must send an email to: superior@jamsession.cat


For inquiries related to enrollment to entrance exams, you must send an email to: superior@jamsession.cat