The School of Music Jam Session neighborhood of Font de la Guatlla opened on Sunday its new facilities. “Today we open this school, born without subsidies and without any given space, but with passion, effort and dedication of many people,” commented Elisabeth Ventura, manager of the guatllenca school. Ventura also recalled the long history behind: “We have been fighting for 17 years teaching music, I remember that we were the first school to take the step of introducing the rock in our educational program, which makes us a different school, different people advocates a more conservative alternative education.”

The act ended with a musical performance and a toast that was attended by President of the Association of Neighbours Font of Guatlla, Luis Maté, who said that since the board of the association has made a great effort to grow this school. I killed stressed that this is the first school of higher grade in Spain, and “said” thanks to his perseverance is given prestige in the neighborhood in the District in Barcelona and throughout the country. “Also present was the director of Concerted and private centers of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Miquel Garcia. On the one hand, Garcia asked members of the school to “do good work, although there are better facilities and walls, but the important thing is the people who make these walls have prestige “and the other” must revitalize this neighborhood, this is the reason why I started strong for the approval of this school. “

Who also congratulated the members of the school was the District Councillor Sants-Montjuïc, Jordi Martí: “It is the result of a very good job and no doubt continue to do so”. Martin has also said that this is a project that comes from afar and was born with many difficulties. “

Jam Session opened in 1998 as an alternative to more traditional schools of modern music. It has always supported new more contemporary urban music. Today is the first school in Catalonia to include in its program of gender studies like the Rock, urban music, the People, the Contemporary Music and New Trends. The teachers of the school Jam Session is fully qualified, both musically and pedagogically.

* Original Source of news: http://el3.cat/jam-session-inaugura-la-nova-escola-superior-de-musica-a-font-de-la-guatlla/