Adults – Professional Program, Jam Session - Barcelona

Adults – Professional Program

Program designed so that the students acquire the necessary competences to be able to continue studies superiors. It is divided into three levels in line with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

All courses are mandatory. For the particularities of each of them, observe the following notes:

(1) Grades Semester.

(2) Application assignatura practice of Musical Culture. Except those studying piano.

(3) Armonico for melodic instruments, for harmonic and melodic instruments. Winds for strings, winds and strings.

(4) Compulsory for wind instruments. For String is available Orchestra. They can also play solo band.

(5) or vice versa.

Results of professional learning, within the European Qualifications Framework, which is the program of musical studies Jam Session Music School:






Basic knowledge Basic skills required to carry out simple tasks. Work or study under direct supervision in a structured context.


Basic knowledge in a field of work or study.

Basic cognitive and practical skills necessary to utilitzar useful information, when it comes to work and solve general realitzar problemes with the help of rules and easy tools.

Work or study under supervision but with some degree of autonomy.


Knowledge of facts, principles, processes and general concepts, in a field of work or study.

Habilitades cognitives range and required to perform work and solve problems by selecting and applying basic methods, tools, materials and different information practices.

Assume responsibilities with regard to the performance of work activities with certain complexity. Adapt own behavior to circumstances in solving problems.