3. Registration payment, Jam Session - Barcelona

3. Registration payment

Payment of enrollment for acces exams


The registration fee for the entrance examination is 90 €.

EMIPAC schools and Jam Session associates will have a 25% discount (67 €).

Applicants who are doing the course P.A.S. during this year at the Jam Session Music School are exempt from paying for the entrance exams.


Payment must be made by bank transfer in the following account number:

Cuenta del BBVA – Titular: Jam Session EM, S.L.


Is necessary write in CONCEPT: Acces exams and Candidate name.

Once realized the payment should send receipt (scanning, screen capture, pdf, jpeg or png) to superior@jamsession.cat.


· Note:

Once you have paid the registration fee for the acces exams no refund will be issued.

If a sufficient number of applicants are not presented to be able to open the specialty, the access exams will not be carried out and the full amount will be refunded.

If the number of applicants approved to open the specialty is not completed, half of the amount paid for the acces exams will be refunded.

Candidates who have paid the entry fee to access exams in June, if for some reason decided to move it to September must pay half the amount of registration as a supplement.