2. Registration documents, Jam Session - Barcelona

2. Registration documents

Documentation for inscription on the Exams of Access






· Registration Online April 11 June 13
· Compulsates photocopy of DNI, NIE or Passport. April 11 June 13
· Photocopy compulsated of Baccalaureate and Professional Degree (candidates who have these cerificates). April 11 June 13
· Payment of the registration to  acces exams (90 €) and shipment of the receipt. April 11 June 13
· Certified copy compulsated of Baccalaureate (or equivalent) and Professional Degree (for candidates who don’t have these cerificates at the time of registration). April 11 June 13
· Certified copy compulsated of the approval or conditional wheel of Baccalaureate (candidates who have performed these studies abroad). April 11 June 13


All documentation must be sent in a unique email and compulsed* to superior@jamsession.cat. Notes certificate is not valid.

* The term compulsed is a copy document confronted with the original document in which it is declared, by means of a stamp or accreditation from an official body, its coincidence with the original. Jam Session can do this accreditation when is a document issued in a procedure of the School.


Note: The school is not responsible for the veracity of the documents submitted by the candidate. If fake, the applicant bears all the risks that could lead to this crime unpunished, leaving the center.

Academic requirements



Candidates must provide the Baccalaureate . Also accepted as equivalent:

· LOGSE Baccalaureate or Degree or LOE.

· Titling BUP + COU Plan 70.

· Access exam for over 25 years to college (regardless of the university).

· Proof of high school for over 18 years.

· Any university degree (degree or diploma), including any Higher Grade Music (Plan 66 and LOGSE) and the Professional Title of Music Plan 42.

Candidates unable to prove the Baccalaureate:

Candidates who don’t credit the Baccalaureate, aged 18 or fulfilled during the calendar year of completion of the test, must pass a regulated and organized by the Education Department to access the Higher Art Studies test. This test proves the knowledge in relation to the objectives of the school. Both the organization and the calendar is determined by the Education Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Fore more info: http://ensenyament.gencat.cat/ca/serveis-tramits/proves/proves-acces/espec-artistics-superiors/


Professional Degree Music

The candidates can provide Professional Degree of Music. Are accepted as equivalent:

  • The professional title of Plan 42.
  • The title of Medium Degree Music Plan 66.
  • The title of Medium Degree of Music LOGSE.
  • The title of Professional Degree music LOE.
  • The title of top degree music in a different specialty to which you want to register.

Candidates who can’t demonstrate the Professional Degree of Music must do a specific exercise in Higher School of Music Jam Session. This exercise represents 5% of the final grade of access.
Candidates evidencing the First Degree Professional Music exempt the specific exercise. In this section, will receive the maximum score that weighs 5% of the final grade of access.
Candidates who have taken musical studies abroad have to do the specific exercise.

Note: If the applicant approves this specific exercise in our center, will not be awarded with the official Professional Degree of Music.