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70’s symphonic Rock legend 


The Gotic group was one of the leaders of the music made in Cataluña in the years 70/80.
When speaking of Symphonic Rock of “historic groups of the Layetana Music” in all contemporary accounts Gotic name appears.
His only published work to date, the album “Escenes” , has always been considered a cult album, of collector.

The group recorded in 1978, a second album that was never made public: GEGANTS I SERPENTINES (The 1978 unreleased LP).

Group members found, edited and re-mastered tapes that splendid recording and are preparing to publish that album that never came to the public. Therefore, the five components have initiated a project on the platform of micro-patronage Verkami and hope, with the help of his friends and collaborators to edit and share with everyone that unpublished work!


Gotic members:

Rafael Escoté (professor of Bass at ESM Jam Session)

Agustí Brugada

Eugeni Gil

Jordi Martí

Jordi Vilaprinyó


If you want to collaborate with Gotic, making a small donation, see all the information on the disc, the group and the presentation schedule, participates in Verkami, doing outreach to your circle of contacts.



· VIDEO OF GOTIC (1978) ·

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21 December, 2015