On Thursday October 13, from 10:00 to 12:00 h (for students only) and Saturday October 15, from 10:00 to 14:00 h (for all audiences), we’ll receive in the Auditorium of our Higer Music School to MIKA JUSSILA, possibly the most important professional Metal disks has mastered in recent years. Surely you sound Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Doro, Apocalyptica, Gamma Ray, Impaled Nazarene, Lordi, Stratovarius. All these bands and hundreds more have passed through his hands. Also some Spanish like Warcry, Uzzhuaia, Muro o Mago de Oz.

He started his career at Finnvox Studios in 1984, where he mades masterings of vinyl records, but early he became an engineer mastering CDs in the 90s. He mades masterings about 2000 LPs, over 3600 CDs and countless singles approximating those songs total 100,000. Today his most famous masterings are genres: Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.

Mika has designed a different master class, where he will give an overview of the history of the main mastering studio in Europe and which will go to the point about the team, vision and methods that have distinguished his work and put the finishing touch to productions of groups so important.



1. Introduction
2. Why is it necessary to mastering? What does it consist of?
3. Different methods of work. Are there different types of mastering?
4. My work at Finnvox. Listen to samples.
5. Equipment and signal routing. The importance and hype of software and equipment.
6. War volume.
Mastering Mastering interactive vs Normal 7. (E-mastering).
8. Studies and Spanish groups here vs European sound. Where is the secret?
9. Mastering by stems and Re-mastering. Practical examples.
10. The mastering each genre.
11. Mastering in the format: CD / Vinyl / Cassette / digital / 5.1
12. A step further … The music business.
13. ISRC codes and final product.
14.- Questions and answers.



– Who is it for? Musicians, sound technicians, producers, music professionals and general music lovers; to anyone who wants to know more about the disks listening.

– Do I need some kind of technical knowledge to take advantage of the session? Yes and no. You don’t need any technical knowledge to take advantage of it, just wanting to know more and want to delve into the world of mastering, but the more you know, will take advantage, especially parts more practical.

– Entry includes a theme mastered? Yes, tickets 50 € include a theme mastered at Finnvox when Mika Jussila returns to his studio. It may be a theme of your group, a theme of a group that you are recording or anything you can think.

– The talk will be in English? Yes, not to waste time on translations.

– May I take notes? Of course.

– Will I be able to take pictures and record videos? Yes. After the talk there will be a small meet and greet where you can talk one on one with Mika Jussila and other participants. Bring your work and we listened.














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Thursday, October 13: Free and obligatory – only for students of the ESM Jam Session.

Saturday, October 15: Free for students of Schools Jam Session / 20 € for all other assistants (50 € with mastering of a track in Finnvox).

Tickets in Ticketea or in the School of Music Jam Session (the same day of the master class).


Adress: Escuela Superior de Música Jam Session (Auditorio – Sala Distrito Rock)  /  Carrer Valls s/n (esquina con C/ Amposta) – Barcelona.