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  The Higher School of Music Jam Session, authorized by the Departament d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya and certified by the AQU (Agència per la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya) offers the unique Advanced Diploma of Music in the specialties of Interpretation, Pedagogy and Sonology in the area of Rock, Urban Music and New Tendencies. An official career with 240 ECTS Credits and that is part of the EEES (Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior).

Students who choose to course our higher degree are our people who have decided to orient his professional studies in the music world and in particular in the field of modern music and all its ramifications to the present. Interesteds in new tendences and who want to experience both classical instruments, such as current and, of course, new technologies. Also students who wish to contribute their creativity and their future musical teaching and students who want to delve into the mysteries of sound.

And once they finish, they will be prepared to understand the why of modern music, its evolution, ramifications and its constant changes and be open to new musical tendences. They must also learn to express themselves with a musical instrument both individually and as a whole to be able to propose new ways of creating music through mastery of harmony and arrangements with a current language. Mastering the language, both gestural and psychologically to face the musical direction of a group of musicians. Meet with some depth the new technologies applied to music and know how to use them with ease; able to adapt to the constant evolution of new technologies.

ESM Jam Session adopts the resolution ENS/1391/2018 published on June 19, 2018 in accordance with the rest of the EAS and the University, which specifies that a degree in B2 of the CEFR must be obtained, of the languages that are determine as a requirement for the issuance of the title, for students who initiate higher education in the academic year 2018-2019 and beyond. However, in order to maintain the quality requirement towards the 3rd language competency that the RD 631/2010 requests, ESM Jam Session will continue to impart a part of its studies plan in English, motivating the learning and consolidation of a foreign language and thus guaranteeing the access to an increasingly demanding labor market with all possible skills.




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     Study program of the Degree                    Study program of the Degree                      Study program of the Degree   

   Planning by Courses                                  Planning by Courses                                       Planning by Courses

    Teaching Plan                                               Teaching Plan                                                Teaching Plan












Recording Studios are spread over different floors of the Higher School of Music Jam Session of Barcelona.

On the first floor Production Room with workstations equipped with different network drives connected to the central station. This room communicates not only with the Chamber Orchestra, but also studies downstairs. Both rooms, both Production as Orchestra, have daylight.

Downstairs is the analog studies "Vintage", consisting of the Chamber of Banda, Dry Room and Living Room. The system has a tape recorder reel 24 tracks and two inches, with table of 40 analog channels.

The portable cabin is a resource for alternative recordings.


Equipped with the most advanced digital systems, offers various individual work stations controlled from the central station to perform some pre-production, recording, mixing and post-production.

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Great Auditorium specially designed as acoustic studio for recording large orchestras, endowed with the greatest advances in digital technology.

View general dimensions, rider & photographies

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Vintage Hall is an example of analog study designed to handle the magnetic tape as a support. Equipped with the original Backline of 60 and 70, as Hammond, Clavinet D6, Fender Rhodes Mark I, etc .., aims to show the working methodology before the digital era, and recover a type of classic sound.

For vintage recording, apart from using analogue consoles and the original backline, sound is recorded with coils of two inches by 24 exclusive classic tracks from a historical epoch.

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Equipped with granite walls and other reflective materials, the Alive Room offers a natural reverb from different angles. This cabin aims to investigate the acoustic reflection of sound waves. 

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The classic dry standard recording cabin without reflection of sound for further manipulation by technology.

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A portable solution to move the dry room space in which you want to record a sound.

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