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Jam Session Music School, authorized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya with center code 08069426, offers the recognition of the highest level of musical studies granted by Decree 331/1994: 2nd cycle of professional level. This means that our students can take the official exams internally in our center, with the same validity as in a conservatory, until the 4th grade of Professional Degree.

Study Plan

Jam Session School

Program designed so that the students acquire the necessary competences to be able to continue studies superiors. It is divided into three levels in line with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

All courses are mandatory. For the particularities of each of them, observe the following notes:

(1) Grades Semester.

(2) Application assignatura practice of Musical Culture. Except those studying piano.

(3) Armonico for melodic instruments, for harmonic and melodic instruments. Winds for strings, winds and strings.

(4) Compulsory for wind instruments. For String is available Orchestra. They can also play solo band.

(5) or vice versa.

Results of professional learning, within the European Qualifications Framework, which is the program of musical studies Jam Session Music School:

Level 1
- Basic knowledge
- Basic skills required to carry out simple tasks.
- Work or study under direct supervision in a structured context.

Level 1
- Basic knowledge in a field of work or study.
- Basic cognitive and practical skills necessary to utilitzar useful information, when it comes to work and solve general realitzar problemes with the help of rules and easy tools.
- Work or study under supervision but with some degree of autonomy

Level 3
- Knowledge of facts, principles, processes and general concepts, in a field of work or study.
- Habilitades cognitives range and required to perform work and solve problems by selecting and applying basic methods, tools, materials and different information practices.
- Assume responsibilities with regard to the performance of work activities with certain complexity. Adapt own behavior to circumstances in solving problems.


Jam Session School

Child-Elementary School Program Music Jam Session is divided into five levels, subdivided into two stages; two levels in the first stage and three levels in the second.

The age of students is between 3 and 10/11. Throughout this period the song constitutes the backbone of the environment in which the whole teaching-learning process is structured.


Children’s Stage

Since the discovery of sound and silence, it gradually deepens the knowledge and distinction of the qualities of sound (pitch, duration, intensity and timbre) and their attributes (high-low, long-short, strong-weak, with the own sound of voices and instruments).

Each of these attributes provides those elements that are typical of conventional musical notation (musical notes, riffs, dynamic and means of expression). So being able to distinguish, recognize and use each of them ultimately leads to understanding and correct use of musical language, and therefore of reading and writing.

In parallel, so eminently sensory aspects rhythmic pulsation (regularity and variation), different rhythmic patterns and translation movement taking progressively to increasingly precise synchronization with the sound stimulus is working.

Throughout this process they will always be present, as a starting point and benchmark performance, the three basic elements of musical awareness referred to as song, dance and hearing (live and recorded without losing sight of the rigor and the necessary requirement in all the teaching-learning process) in all activities, to try to be framed in a playful context that encourages the child to his participation and will make pleasant and rewarding the efforts made every day.

The ultimate goals of this stage are considered consolidated when the child is ready and ripe to start learning conceptually conventional musical language, time will start the second stage of Children’s Program.

Jam Session School

Elemental Stage

During this stage, students will discover the elements of musical, melodic and rhythmic language slowly and progressively so as to enable it to assimilate and internalize each of experiential and practical.

At the end of the first stage, the student / is already able to distinguish very precise treble and bass sounds, like the sun and my notes. The duration of the sounds that can also differentiate will together find the spoils relationship between black and eighth figures. Since these capabilities may start moving in the conventional field of reading and writing music.

The elements, melodic (musical notes), rhythm (rhythmic figures) or dynamic (strong, weak, crescendos, …) are always in the context of the songs, some learned in the previous stage and other resubmitted, of So constantly is present expressive utility in a highly musical environment.

The notation is made from the outset in both treble clef and bass clef, providing better agility and facilitate reading in the future, access to a broader range of instruments.

During this stage students begin the study of the instrument, the choice of which is intended to facilitate revealing live all those who are present at the school with auditions during classes of other students. It also introduces students to the field of harmony, both through small reading exercises two voices as to the interpretation of subjects with different instruments (metalophones, chimes, xylophones, …).

With the value and importance of song in the whole learning process, it goes without saying that at all times the voice is given the relevance and merits as a musical instrument and a tool of essential work at this stage.

The ultimate goal of the stage is, above all, awareness of children in the musical fact and acquiring the skills to make language a useful tool for further progress in the knowledge of music and getting this, a means of expression of feeling itself to help them in the process of maturing as a person.


Jam Session School

In this period the student is prepared to face the professional program and continue his musical learning. The four degrees, which are equivalent to the first two of the adult professional program.

Jam Session School

Free studies program allows students to progress in an orderly fashion, but remains outside the formal process of testing and certification. It is to provide the same knowledge of the professional program, but without requiring the mastery of their subjects.

With three courses spread over three hours a week, we assure a comprehensive understanding that enables students to access the flexible or professional program at any time, whenever the teacher or tutor advice.




Recording Studios

The Recording Studios are located in the first 2 floors of the Jam Session Music School in Barcelona. In the upper floor we find the technical control, and in the lower part the Club Auditorium of 140 m2. Both plants are linked by closed circuit television controlled from Studio 1 separating and isolating the control room from the concert hall, we completely independent acoustics.