Simulacrum – Acces Proofs (on-site)




    Proofs that simulate the original to access the Advanced Studies in Music. Recommended for prospective candidates who wish to access the entrance examinations with the necessary knowledge and knowing in advance about the exercises will be presented to the ultimate test.

    The School of Music Jam Session features a mock test different exercises that will appear in the admission tests and a personal interview with one of the teachers of the teaching staff of the ESM to discuss the results and guidance on any queries studies to be followed in the center. In addition, the same day the drill all attendees can take a tour of our facilities.

    * Price of Simulacrum Proofs: 80 €




    PART A /  Interpretation & Sonology

    * All dictations and test analysis are common to all specialties (Jazz, Modern Music, Rock, Urban Music, New Trends, etc.).


    Auditory Perception  /  View or download pdf

    – Rythm-Melodic Dictation / Listen or download mp3

    – Harmonic Dictation / Listen or download mp3


    • Musical Analisys  /  View or download proof pdf   /  View or download score pdf 

       Analysis of a score for band. Harmonic analysis, recognition of styles and related socio-cultural aspects, knowledge of terminology, jargon and justification of the responses will be assessed.


    Auditory Analisys  /  View or download pdf

    Listening to a musical fragment. The applicant must answer a questionnaire on structure, harmony, instrumentation, etc.


    PART B /  Sonology

    * All practices and test analysis are common to all specialties (Jazz, Modern Music, Rock Music Urban, new trends, etc.).


    • Sound analysis  /  View or download pdf

    – Fragment of audio / Listen or download mp3

    – Graphic B3_01 / View or download image

    – Graphic B5_01 / View or download image


    • Treatment audio  /  View or download pdf

    * The software used for this proof  is Logic Pro.


    • Talk

    Briefing given by the tutor to answer questions, requests and questions.