Higher School of Music Jam Session


The cultural macro space "BARCELONA CAMPUS", located in the neighborhood "Font de la Guatlla" of Barcelona, ​​was originally designed for and by students of the Higher School of Music Jam Session, "Authorized Center of Education Higher Artistic of Music" by Department d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Thanks to the cooperation of the major cultural institutions of the neighborhood and the City, today reached the dimensions of "CAMPUS" and is extended to the community of Sants Montjuïc district. Our sincere thanks to the organizations that have made it possible, among which are: AAVV de Veïns i Veïnes & Centre Cívic Font de la Guatlla, IES XXV Olimpíada, Caixa Forum Barcelona and District of Sants Monjuïc of l'Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Its main objective is to generate a creative current of ideas among students that meet in this artistic complex consisting of various auditoriums, recording studios, libraries, exhibition halls, conferences, hearings, clubs and cafes .

Barcelona Campus           Barcelona Campus           Barcelona Campus


Barcelona Campus